We have four areas dedicated to the different stages of your child's young life.

Becky with Henry at Triangle House

Children at Triangle House play in different area according to their stage of development. Each child has a Key Person within our team who will settle them into the room and look after their learning and development needs. The rooms and equipment are carefully planned to provide a stimulating, challenging environment for your child to thrive in.

For advice and support at every stage of your child's development we recommended subscribing to the Pre-school Learning Alliance Family corner, for free here. 

Every morning, no matter who is there to welcome Will into nursery, the team are always smiling and scoop him up into their arms. Everybody gets the same attention. Will is always happy to be there and waves happily from the window as I drive to work. I don't have to worry about him all day because I know he is being looked after by people he loves.

Catherine Hankinson, mother of William 2 yrs