Baby Room: Birth to 14 months

Our Baby Room provides your child with a warm, nurturing experience from their very first day with us. We fully understand that the transition from home to nursery can be emotional and we strive to make it as pain free as possible for you and your child with complimentary settling in sessions and through getting to know your child and your family before your first day at nursery.

In the Baby Room the emphasis is on developing nurturing relationships and providing outstanding care. Mutual trust is paramount for your baby’s and your own confidence and so we work hard to build close relationships from your child’s enrolment at our nursery. We encourage you to visit the nursery with your baby on the weeks and months leading up to your first day so that you and your baby can get to know our team and we can gain insight into your baby’s own individual needs, likes and dislikes. 

Settling your child into nursery
Our procedure of settling new children and their families into nursery life ensures that babies, mummies and daddies are very happy in our care from their very first day. From enrolment until the first day at nursery, you and your baby are welcomed into our nursery for twice-weekly 'stay and play' mornings on a Monday and Friday. These informal play sessions allow you and your child to really get to know our lovely team and build bonds with them from as early as three months before your start date.
Parents have said how content they feel leaving their precious babies with our team (and often this is the first time they have ever left them for a long space of time) because they have had a chance to see how much fun their little one is having first hand and because they have already built trust with our practitioners.

Sarah and Ethan practising walking in the Baby Room at Triangle House



I would recommend Triangle House based on the feelings I felt when Thomas first joined. I was so upset every night but because when I dropped him off the staff were so lovely and the nursery also took two calls a day from me! The staff were so patient and lovely and said I could ring anytime. This meant so much to me at a really hard time. You have the perfect balance between supporting the child and the parents!

Collette Tiffany, mother of Thomas 1 yr